ChoreBug's Commitment to Community Impact

and our plans to disrupt what teenagers know about professionalism!

Written by Avante Price, CEO

Started in 2017, ChoreBug was born with the mission to empower youth while fulfillling a true need. We vet teams of responsible highschoolers and teach them interpersonal, customer service, and freelance skills through our odd job platform, curing local households of the tasks they hate most.

To day, we have hired over 100 highschoolers and accomplished over 500 tasks in the Chicagoland area, maintaining a 4.7 average rating for all workers throughout! Workers have made up to $1,200 in a month and come from Evanston Township, New Trier, and Niles North High Schools in Illinois. We are currently building a team at West Orange High School in West Orange, New Jersey while developing a sustainable model in the Chicagoland markets.

As we further develop our key partnerships and define our scalable model, we are also working to further our impact on the youth who engage in our platform now. We are currently developing directional videos about many mental and physical freelance tasks, as well as customer service and interpersonal skills videos to further improve the integrity and character of our workers. Along with videos, we aim to provide in-person workshops at highly engaged schools, in order to better measure and increase our impact on the direction of our workers.

We are currently seeking not-for-profit and/or small business partners in the Evanston and Chicagoland area to create mutually beneficial relationships that help us spread our mission and impact the success of our partners alike. We are also currently conducting research as to the key partners required to expand to new areas and are seeking connections to any organizations you think are of this nature.

Last updated June 27th, 2019